Earn money digital

Earn money online by working from home

Earn money online

All of us want to make earn money in some easy ways with less amount of effort.

Interested in making a good amount of money online by just giving customer support service to users?

Firstly, there are a lot of ways where you can earn money.
As there are many platforms that are hiring an expert to provide chat support to their user. Therefore, you get paid for answering problems being faced by customers.
One of them is directly.com as this is a very good platform in which you can make money online by just working for some hours. As it is also a reputed website as many companies like Microsoft, Samsung, Airbnb, and WordPress are working directly to provide customer support service to their user. So, directly platform manages to hire the expert to provide customer support to all these companies.

The payment is given to experts on a weekly basis and a PayPal ID is required to get money in your bank account.
From here you can apply for the platform of your interest and start making money. Good luck!

To enroll with Microsoft window customer support: https://microsoft-community.directly.com/apply/multi

Similarly, enroll with Samsung Customer support: https://samsung.directly.com/apply/multi

Enroll with Airbnb Customer support: https://airbnb.directly.com/apply


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